Smart Thalassaemia Diagnostic System

IoT-enabled Testing Device

AI-enabled Decision Suppport

Highest % of β-Thalassaemia

In south-East-Asian countries. Pakistan is one of the few with highest prevalence.

Huge Socio-economic burden

USD 203 Million approx. direct & indirect treatment cost per year per 100k patients (Pak).

0.5%–0.9% of all children deaths from LMICs

β-Thalassemia results in approx. 50,000–100,000 deaths annually around the globe.


Thalassaemia is an inherited blood-related disorder in which one or more globin chains are either not produced at all or are produced at a reduced rate.

Thalassaemia Minor

For a couple, if one of the partners carry the abnormal thalassaemia gene, there's a 50% risk of giving birth to 'Thalassaemia Minor' children.

Thalassaemia Major

For a couple, if both of the partners carry the abnormal thalassaemia gene, there's a 50% risk of giving birth to 'Thalassaemia Minor' children and 25% risk of giving birth to 'Thalassaemia Major' children.


In Pakistan, Punjab thalassaemia prevention program is active but the initiative hasn’t met the desired outcome. The screening devices are expensive, high maintenance and require expert handling. Diagnosis is expert-intensive and reports are often delayed with patients travelling from far areas to get tested.

Prevalence of Thalassaemia


Million Carriers


New cases/year


Million Carriers


New cases/year


ThalaScreen is carrying out cutting-edge research in collaboration with expert haematologists to diagnose for Thalassaemia with advanced AI-algorithms. Our research objective is to prevent the spread of this national-level disease through an innovative digital thalassaemia diagnostic system.

Muhammad Salman Khan, Azmat ullah, Kaleem Nawaz Khan, Huma Riaz, Yasar Mehmood, Tawsifur Rehman, Muhmmad E.H. Chowdhury, “Automated Assessment of Thalassaemia from Haemoglobin Electrophoresis Images using Convolutional Neural Network”.
IEEE Access, 2020, Revision in review

Patent filing in process, “Device, method and system for haemoglobin electrophoresis, automated image analysis and internet-of-things-enabled telepathology”.
December, 2020




Easy Maintenance

Cloud Database



Our research collaborators include Khyber Medical College & University, Lady Reading Hospital, Hayatabad Medical Complex, KP Health Department, Rehman Medical Institute, Peshawar, Pakistan.


ThalaScreen's team comprises of AI experts, biomedical, electronics and cloud engineers, software developers and haematologists.

Dr. Muhammad Salman Khan



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